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The Global HER Project was created by artists and advocates dedicated to supporting women’s rights and reproductive choices at home and overseas. Our mission is to shed light on a policy that has been well documented to harm women and communities around the world. The goal is to point viewers towards the Global HER Act and inspire audiences to take action by reaching out to their government representatives.

(in order of appearance)

Lexi Lawson
Nicole Kang
Harley O’Neill
Madeline Chung
Clinton Edward
David Parker
Elizabeth Dunn

Phoenix Best
Brandon Maxwell
Katrina Jones
Gus Solomons jr.
Lukasz Zieba
Isabella Iannelli
Kristine King
Nichole Forde

Written, Directed & Choreographed By
Mary John Frank

Produced By
Erica Rose
Jess Jacobs

Cinematography By
Christine Ng

Production Design By
Tori Lancaster

Costume Design By
Sarah Williams

Edited By
Ali Mao

Casting By
Erica Hart

Music Production & Arrangement
Max Gordon

Composer & Mixer
Byron Wu

Lyrics By
Mary John Frank
Mary Williams Barber
In Collaboration With NGOs

Executive Produced By
Audrey Rosenberg
Matthew Webb

Made in Partnership with
Sour Peach Films
Invisible Pictures

1st Assistant Director
Matt O’Brien

2nd Assistant Director
Alison LoPresti

Script Supervisor
Becca Scolnick

Steadicam Operator
Laura Arrow

1st Assistant Camera
Grace Hendricks

2nd Assistant Camera
Manny Garcia

2nd Assistant Camera
Thomas Rospabe

Camera Intern
Christine Etter

Alexa Mignon

Key Grip
Rossin Wood

Allie Fuller

Andrew Crighton

Art Director
Frank Baran

Art Assistant
Jake Bellew

Art Intern
Claudia Rose

Wardrobe Supervisor
Jerome Parker

Department Head Makeup
Aria Ferraro

Department Head Hair
Shilo Gold

Make Up
Danielle Waugh

Make Up
Carmilla Cunny

Dance Captain
Elizabeth Dunn

Choreography Assistant
Clinton Edward

Sound Mixer
Zoe Brock

Boom Operator
Janet Santana

BTS Photography
Sandra Whittington

Production Assistant
Max Jacob

Production Assistant
Edwin DeJesus

Production Assistant
Dan Buono

Production Intern
Georgia Bridges

Sound Design
Zoe Brock

Sound Mixing
Silver Sound

Assistant Editor
Jen Ackerman

Assistant Editor
Laurel Metzler

Color Correction by
Joseph Bicknell

Additional Color Correction
Dimitri Zola

Mechanism Digital

VFX by
Lucien Harriot & Silas Fischer

WEB Design & Development
Maria Beane

WEB Development
Kamal Radharamanan

Titles & Graphics
Jeremy Lamin

Nancy Beck
Kelsey Grills
Rebecca Harrell
Mary Kate Hartung
Genevieve Tremblay
Paul Jacobs
Cristina Ljungberg
Julia Lourie
Erin Samueli
Shira-Lee Shalit
Katherine Roarty
Arlene Perez
Kristin Yancy
Whitney Pozgay
Carroll Ray

National Women’s Law Center
Louise & Drew Pennebaker
Moving Picture Company
Allen Mattison
Gibney Dance
Mechanism Digital
Seed & Spark
Judy Tate
Amanda Pilnik
Company 3
Cally Morton
Garvey Chui
Jenny Elkins

Kate D’Amico Schulman
Andrea Fearneyhough
Nancy Anderson
Stuart Sia
Caren Spruch
Adin Levy
Jennifer Vanyur
Adrienne Verrilli
Adrienne Lee
Serra Sippel
Bergen Cooper
Beirne Roos-Snyder
Christina Wegs
Bethan Cobley
Julie Crosswell

Made in partnership with 

Photographs by Sandra Whittington and Christine Ng